13 Jun

What is Sugar Daddy?

What is Sugar Daddy?What is sugar daddy? What are your thoughts about it? Maybe you never heard about it or once but you don’t know what it means. Sugar daddy is familiar in the society for the generosity to other people, especially women. Then, exactly what is sugar daddy? Let’s examine it.


So, what is sugar daddy?

Sugar daddy is a slang term used to determine a rich older man who are seeking for younger woman and willing to give allowance and gift in exchange for companion. What is sugar daddy? Sugar daddy age is ranging from 30-50+ year old. What is sugar daddy? Sugar daddy has a lot of money and usually living alone. Some are still have wife and they wanted to spice up their boring life.

What is sugar daddy? Sugar daddy likes to be with younger woman in the early 20s. They are hotter, sweeter, and more gorgeous than other woman in their age. They are called sugar baby. Usually, sugar daddy will find them and making an arrangement for as long as they want. Arrangement including allowance and gift, as well as companionship.

What is sugar daddy? Sugar daddy loves to spoil their baby, to show that he is legit and can be trust. Trust is very important for sugar daddy to give him good reputation. Reputation is one of the things that sugar baby see from the daddy, to determine whether he is legit or not. Some sugar daddy are not legit, they are fake or not that rich to give much allowance.

There are two common words for sugar daddy, POT and Salty. POT is for potential sugar daddy. It used to determine a man who has a potential to be someone sugar daddy. They are usually has been doing sugar dating for many years, and dating many baby. Second term is salty, it is for a man who looks like a potential sugar daddy, but he actually doesn’t have much money to spoil the baby. They talk much, but never show generosity.


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