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Top free sugar daddy sites

Top free sugar daddy sites

Just a quick online search shows you how many websites boast they are among the top free sugar daddy sites in the world. If you’re interested in a sugar daddy arrangement, how can you distinguish between them? To help your quest, we’ve chosen the one that stands out among all of these top free sugar daddy sites.

What makes mysugardaddy stand out from other top free sugar daddy sites?

Although it has a client base from the USA, mysugardaddy is aimed at the European market. Rare among top free sugar daddy sites is the fact that it is available in 3 other languages (German, French and Italian) apart from English. This allows sugar daddies/babies to lay out their expectations of a sugar daddy arrangement without a language barrier. Another reason to choose this site among all the top free sugar daddy sites online is the fact that it offers a number of other perks such as ‘flirty daddy’ day (when members can chat without any restrictions), invites to sugar daddy parties and discount coupon codes (sent via email). The site also has an app to download, and personal support is available by chat, phone and email.

Top free sugar daddy sites

Easy Registration Process at mysugardaddy

Clients interested in a sugar daddy arrangement should go to the site’s home page, and tick whether they are a sugar daddy or sugar babe. During the registration process, members must complete their profile by supplying personal information (such as height, eye/hair colour, occupation, hobbies, etc.) and also provide login details (giving an email address and choosing a user name and password). One photo must be uploaded for their profile, and up to 10 other photos can be put in their album. Unlike many other top free sugar daddy sites, mysugardaddy offers a complete verification procedure (a reality check, identity check and an income check).

Are top free sugar dating sites really free?

A unique selling point of mysugardaddy compared to other top free sugar daddy sites is that free really does mean what it says. Members can open communications with other users without paying any fees by sending an ‘unlock’ request. If they wish to, they can upgrade their membership from basic user to VIP. This gives them a number of benefits such as a separate VIP album (containing 10 additional photos) and access to all other profiles. If they do not want to pay the monthly subscription fees, members can buy credits which allow them to start a dialogue with others on the site’s database.

Top free sugar sugar dating sites – mysugardaddy

Entering into a sugar daddy arrangement and finding the right partner to share the experience is a daunting prospect. However, mysugardaddy should be your first port of call before all the other top free sugar daddy sites


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