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sugar daddy blacklist

sugar daddy blacklist


Introduction to the sugar daddy blacklist!

The sugar dating scene can be a fun one. After all it is about everybody getting exactly what they need and want at this moment in time. No pressure of falling in love and spending your life with somebody, just pure fun! Although it is fun, it does not mean that everybody plays the rules well. This is why there is a sugar daddy blacklist around, so that mistakes are not made multiple times. Read on to find out about the sugar daddy blacklist.


What is the sugar daddy blacklist?


If a sugar daddy has done something wrong, i.e verbally abused a sugar babe, then they will end up on the sugar daddy blacklist. The sugar daddy blacklist is a list of sugar daddies, who have done something to warrant warning other sugar babes about. After all not everybody is truthful about what they are after, and some sugar daddies may have a warped view, on what the sugar dating scene is about.


How do I know if I should put somebody on the sugar daddy blacklist


This is a hard, and very individual choice to make, as the blacklist is in effect shaming a sugar daddy, so think hard about putting anybody on the blacklist. There are some situations though which definitely deserve a thought. sugar daddy blacklistIf a sugar daddy has mistreated a sugar babe, used them, verbally or physically abused them, then this all should be a warning sign. This type of behaviour sugar babes will want to know about, so these nasty situations can be avoided.

Where can I find the sugar daddy blacklist?

There are many blacklists out there, including those on social media sites, on web sites and on blogs. Do some research as there may be a blacklist for sugar daddies local to you, or on the website you use to connect with sugar daddies.

Conclusion to the sugar daddy blacklist.

So the sugar daddy blacklist can be a form of protection to some. Like everything in life the blacklist serves as a warning, then it is up to you as an individual to make up your own mind. Good luck on your sugar dating journey.

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