18 Nov
Free Sugar Daddy sites

Sugar Baby seeking Sugar Daddy

sugar baby seeking sugar daddy

“Sugar baby seeking sugar daddy”. A sort of common headline.

There’s nothing better in this world than being able to ask frankly for something, and getting it. A lot of us are used to environs where we have to be polite, to refrain from prodding too much, to slowly edge our way into what we want. On the Internet, if we so choose, things can be a bit different. A “sugar baby seeking sugar daddy” has only to do one thing, on a site like Craigslist, or on a dating site for example: type that headline in, and everyone will know what you want.

Free Sugar Daddy sites

Free Sugar Daddy sites

Honesty versus immodesty: is “sugar baby seeking sugar daddy” really okay?

“Sugar baby seeking sugar daddy”, as we discussed above, can be seen as an embarrassing thing to say, a last-ditch attempt to get by. But there’s no shame in doing it, whether or not you need it. Some people just like the sort of relationship it builds between two people, to be a sugar baby and a sugar daddy. Others love to give gifts, and others love to receive them.

What’s important is a relationship like what’s just been described is that both parties know what they want. And really, being honest about what you want is more likely to turn up someone who wants the same thing. For all parties involved, that’s probably the best thing to hope for!

The safety of saying “sugar baby seeking sugar daddy”

Of course, one might worry that doing all of this is unsafe. If you see “sugar baby seeking sugar daddy“, as an outsider, you might first imagine that the would-be sugar baby in this equation is vulnerable, a person ready to be taken advantage of by someone they don’t know. Though this can be true, it’s responsibility of the sugar baby seeking sugar daddy to make sure it doesn’t turn out that way!

Beyond being forthright about what you want, you should also be forthright about your boundaries: if it will only be platonic, some people are up for that, but others are not. Because you are meeting a presumable stranger for the first time, say where you are and where you’re willing to meet. Even when you post “sugar baby seeking sugar daddy”, you’re not necessarily signing away your rights.

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