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Feel the Luxury

luxury living – Improve your attiude to life

Luxury Living – Dreams come true


There are many people that have a dream. A dream of a luxury and happy-go-lucky life. But not everyone has the chance to know the true promise of a luxury living. Get to know what exactly represent a luxury life. To live in luxury is a privilege for a multitude of people. Often they keep to themselves because they have an other imagination of living. A lifestyle that equates a high-level-life.



A beautiful view

Gorgeous Luxury Home

Luxury Living – Location/Interior and more

Ever wondered what luxury living is characterised by? Luxury living features having your home in a prime location and your house having high-end interior finishing. These include professional quality kitchen appliances, marble countertops, and well as customised closets. To top it all off is the presence of hotel-like amenities such as concierge services. Some luxury homes have excellent spa and fitness centres. These types of homes are owned by the rich in society who chase the exceptional living lifestyle. Such prime locations are usually high priced, and this means that only a few people can afford them.

Beautiful Location

view on palms and sea

What Is A Luxury Home?

Checking through real estate listings, you will find some of the home listed as luxury homes. This means their prices are higher than the average listing. So, what does a luxury home entail? There is no a specific checklist for a luxury home, but there are some factors, however, that are common throughout most luxury homes. Here are a few of them:

1. Prime Location

Prime locations are the most coveted areas to live in. Every city and town has such locations. The prime location might be on top of a mountain, a location just along the beach or even a site that is looking at the sparkling city lights. There are also other factors that might make a location prime. Included here is the presence of trendy restaurants and bars in the areas. This factor can attract buyers to an area and make it a high-end location.

2. High Prices for The Location

It is obvious that luxury is associated with the price of a location. In most cases, high priced areas are luxury living locations. The most luxurious properties are very expensive, and also, the quality of the place does not disappoint. They are highly processed and also are very beautiful to look at.

3. Excellent Quality

A property is of premier quality when considering the materials that are used to construct the building and the craftsmanship of the finishes. Such finishes are high-end and are not common in regular houses. The appliances used in these houses are of the best quality. Also, the design is way above what is considered as average. The finishing is characterised by hardwood, marble, Venetian Plaster and Miele appliances. There are traits that are very common in most luxury homes.

4. Privacy is Top-notch

Most of the luxury homeowners are public figures who are followed around by photographers. It is, therefore, of critical importance that their homes have the utmost privacy. This is because a home is a refuge for most people and it should always feel safe for them. Luxury homes are characterised by high walls and large yards that have significant foliage cover. The entrances have security guards who keep people who are not supposed to enter the properties away, and in general, keep them safe. They also ensure that the owners of the homes are not bothered in any way and live in peace.

5. Luxury Amenities

Luxury homes have amenities that most people dream of or experience in hotel rooms. Some of these include movie theatres, arcade rooms and shave decontamination showers. There are all sorts of unique home amenities in luxury homes.

6. Provenance

There are other types of luxury homeowners who do not live in posh mansions for the luxury amenities. Others want to buy properties because of the history that the homes have. They find owning assets that have a history as the ultimate way to live life. It may be that the homes were built by renowned architects or famous personalities lived in them.

The Unterstanding of  Luxury

  1. Prime Location
  2. High Prices for The Location
  3. Excellent Quality
  4. Privacy is Top-notch
  5. Luxury Amenities
  6. Provenance
Dream of Life

Villa and Pool

Which Are The Best Places To Live In Luxury In The World?

Every person dreams of a luxury life once in a while. As a consequence, it helps to find out about top places in the world where someone can live in utmost luxury? Here they are:

Dubai in The United Arab Emirates

Dubai is an oasis that has the most lavish hotels and the largest malls in the world. It is quite accommodating to both local and international tourists who want to have a taste of the plentiful life. For instance, it has exquisite restaurants and excellent spas where visitors can pamper themselves. It is also home the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa, which houses a 7star hotel, the Burj Al Arab where the average cost of a room is $1,000.

Paris in France

This is the arguably the most romantic city in the world. It is characterised by excellent cafes that are present in almost every street, wineries, and the best chocolate in the world. Public smoking is also permitted. Paris is home to the ancient European loaf, which costs an average of $8.95 for one. It is also home to the most exquisite fashion.

New York City

This is the big apple. It has Broadway shows and very classy nightclubs and is a city that never sleeps. The locals pay large sums of money to live in this city while visitors pay hefty costs as luxury travellers. New York is filled with endless pleasure, and visitors might not know where to start when they visit.

Tokyo in Japan

Tokyo is ranked and the most expensive city in the world by the Economist Intelligence Unit. It is a city that is characterised by a blend of ancient and modern Asia. Tokyo is a leader in technological advancements where the visitors can get the gadgets that they make. It has an excellent series of hair salons and restaurant businesses. Their cuisine is also one to die for; for the visitors who might want to sample it.

Moscow in Russia

The city landed in the New York Times, Luxury Destination of the Year during the new millennial. It features world-class cuisine as well as the five-star hotels. It also has the most coveted showrooms of Rolex and Ferrari vehicles. Also, it has countless top nightclubs that are loved by visitors and locals alike.

The Place to Be…

Places to live in luxury
 New York


awesome Home

The Path to Achieving Luxury Living

The luxurious lifestyle is an elusive one for many people because it is synonymous with wealth. When you think of luxury living, you picture holidays to fancy destinations in the Caribbean, five-star hotels and designer brands. Luxury is equated with all the good things that life has to offer but its true definition means various things to different people. For one person, it may be sailing on a yacht to exquisite beaches while for another it may be a few indulgent meals a week. You have to define what luxury living means to you before starting to pursue it or even learn to enjoy it.

What it Means to Live a Luxury Lifestyle

Luxury is about quality rather than quantity. It is not about eating out four times in a week, it is about that spice duck breast or wild mushrooms with truffles. It is true that luxury ‘involves a state of comfort and elegance’ if you going by the text book definition. However, comfort is not restricted to any one element, which is why you can interpret luxury in very many ways. Personal preferences, desires and capabilities will determine what it means to live a life of opulence. For a parent who works 60 hours a week, luxury can mean getting a full day to spend with the kids or just relax. A young professional who travels constantly for work may view luxury as affording first class flights and staying at four-star hotels. For a just-retired pensioner that elegance can come in the form of a cabin in the woods and endless hours of fishing. A fashion lover will appreciate designer clothes, fragrances and shoes.

A luxurious life can be about indulgent rituals in your day that break monotony. It may be a bubble bath after a stressful day, eating a bar of chocolate twice a week or an hour of reading and wine on Saturdays. What signifies grandeur to you? Is it imported cigars? Is it buying your first home in cash or is it affording a holiday every year? Until you can identify that, luxury will remain a far-fetched concept. What everyone should understand is that it takes a lot to accomplish a luxury lifestyle, whatever your perception of it. You have to take advantage of opportunities to be able to fulfill your dreams of splendor. Once you recognise that luxury starts with quality, you can begin to finding it even without being insanely rich.

Luxury Lifestyle

Real vs. apocryphally

Living in that Illusory World

For most people, luxury living in out of their reach but it is mostly because most don’t realise how to make the most of what they have. Admittedly, some aspects of an elegant life require you to have a sizeable income but that is not all it takes. A few changes in your life can allow you to live in that illusory world.

For one, learn to treat yourself. Even when you need to pay student loans and put away some funds for retirement, find ways for self-reward. Luxury living will always seem like a illusion if you don’t know how to pamper yourself. A night out at the new Italian restaurant, a designer purse or a day at the golf course are a few ideas to treat yourself.

Associate with the right people. The relationships you have can influence how you live a great deal. If you are always around people who don’t even know the meaning of luxury, it will be difficult to achieve it for yourself. Make friends who know what a good bottle of Shiraz is, who indulge in gourmet coffee once in a while and who can tell the difference between genuine and fake Armani.

Slow down and enjoy the little things. Luxury living is not just about being able to afford the things you love but having time to enjoy them. What good is a yacht that sits on the marina all year because you can’t find time to use it? Start with small things like taking your time with a cup of coffee.

Stop spending money on things you don’t need. Most people do this without realising it. Just because an item costs 10 does not mean you buy it if it is not necessary. Work on saving the pennies here and there and see them accumulate into money that can be used for larger purchases.

Self-confidence is another weapon you need to get into the illusory world of luxury living and survive there. You would be amazed at the things you can accomplish with a little belief in yourself. With self-confidence, you can walk into a five-star hotel like you always stay there when it is just a complimentary upgrade. Confidence will allow you to make friends with the right people.

Tips For Survival…

  • Relationship
  • More Time to Enjoy
  • reasonable Spending of money
  • Self-Confidence
  • Self-Reward
A new Beginning

A luxury life – Break new ground

Setting Your Big Dreams

A life of luxury begins with the right dreams. Establishing goals for yourself provides a blueprint that will guide everything you do. If your biggest dream is a round-the-world cruise before you are 50, all your work will be dedicated towards that. Begin by identifying realistic dreams. You know your capabilities and, therefore, are aware of what you can achieve. Don’t be over ambitious with your dreams or your plans of luxury will just be a fantasy.

Capitalise on every opportunity that presents itself. Success is more than just your skills. Various chances will come along and you must know how to maximise on them. Focus on identifying opportunities that are worth investing in. It may be something as simple as a free course that can improve your CV or a big career move that will change your life.

Be passionate about everything you do. Whether it’s college, your first job or volunteer work, do it with vigour. Passion is addictive and once you start small, it will spread over to the things that matter. It is less challenging to achieve your dreams when you go after them with passion.

Always strive to better yourself. When you are always looking to be the best in the room, the good things in life will be easier to attain. Dedication goes a long way in opening new opportunities.

Anyone can achieve luxury living by deciding what it means to them and working towards it.

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