21 Oct
Find a Gay Sugar Daddy

6 Sure-fire Tips to Find a Gay Sugar Daddy

The ultimate dream for most gay millennial is to find a sexy older dude who spends his time, money and affection on you. But the problem is that they are not easy to find, but certainly not impossible. With the tips below, you will be able to find a gay sugar daddy to fulfill your dreams.

Sign up to a sugar daddy/boy website to find a gay sugar daddy

One way to find a gay sugar daddy is to join such kind of a website. Sure, a sugar daddy isn’t going to fall on your laps from heaven. You must put yourself out there. There are many sites that exist only for this purpose, and a good example is Gay Arrangements. Sign up and show the world that you are there.

Find a Gay Sugar Daddy

Set Your Hookup/Dating/Tinder Profiles to men above 40

It’s really a no-brainer that if you want to find a gay sugar daddy, you must search for someone who is a little older than you. Just change your dating profile settings for the men who are over 40. If you want a cute young man, then you might as well forget about finding a rich one. The ones with dough are certainly a bit older.

Be persistent and You’ll Find a Gay Sugar Daddy

It will take a lot of time and hard work so you must be prepared to wait. Do not expect that you will find a rich gay sugar daddy overnight. Do not give up. Just keep on trying and one day your time will come. Like they say, all good things take time.

Ask for his tax returns
Make sure he gives you the proof that he is indeed rich. Do not fall for some con who just wants to use you and dump you. The surest way to prove that he has some dough is to check his tax returns. Also, make sure he earns his money ethically and that he isn’t some drug peddler. This will ensure that you find a gay sugar daddy for the long term.

Move to the rich part of town where you are likely to find a gay sugar daddy

If you want to find gay sugar daddies, you are not going to do so if you live in a neighbourhood of low-class and middle-class men. Move to where these rich guys are. Shop on their supermarkets, and buy grocery where they buy theirs.

Don’t choose because you never know where your luck may lie
This is a little gross but the truth of the matter is that you cannot know who is loaded and who isn’t. This is why you must be ready to sleep with every one of them if you want to find a gay sugar daddy.

Every gay man is looking for some rich sugar daddy to pamper them with the best of earthly riches. If you are too, then you must be ready to put in a good shift. Change your hookup or dating settings to men above 40 years, join sugar daddy/boy websites, be persistent and ask for the proof once you find a gay sugar daddy.

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